Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Five and Dime FIFTEEN miler (&10k fun run)- a trail run coming November 12, 2016

November 12, 2016. Saturday.        MORGANTOWN, WV 
FIVE AND DIME 15 miler & 10k. (15.2 & 6.2 miles to be exact) A laid-back fall fun run. 
AWARD: everyone gets the race's custom MASON JAR
WINNERS (one male, one female) each get a gold mason jar!
($10 for 10k) $15 if registered by Oct 14, then $20. No race day registration. The fee is to hold your spot in the race. On the registration site, you can opt to GET THE $10/$15 BACK after completing the race! :) Or you can choose not to get it back, and it will be a donation to cover snacks and awards. Thanks! (We want to keep it simple and cheap, but have witnessed that many people don't show up for free events they signed up for if it rains, etc. And that leaves no room for those who still want to run.) No refunds for no shows. 
Volunteers: You also get a mason jar. To volunteer, or for other questions,  email by Nov 6. 

START: 8:00 am at Mellon Chapel Parking Area     CUTOFF: 12:00 pm
DIRECTIONS: from 3708 Earl L Core Rd, turn right onto Beulah Rd. Turn left into the parking area when you see Mellon Chapel (of Grace Bible Church) on the left. 
NOTE: There are no restrooms at the start or aid station. Hit the gas station before you arrive. (Sorry for the inconvenience. This may be a deal breaker...I understand.) Then again, you could always use your mason jar...
The trail is fine, crushed stone. It will be an open course and may have pedestrians and bikers. The course is uphill to the turnaround and then downhill all the way back!!!
TURNAROUND: The start is at mile 5.9 and the turnaround is at the Masontown parking lot (MILE 13.5). 
Water and light snacks will be at the halfway point (the only aid station/timing checkpoint). No drop bags, so carry what you need or have a friend meet you at the turnaround. 
There will be volunteers making sure that you made it to the turnaround point. After all, no one runs 15 miles in 40 minutes. :)
10k TURNAROUND: We (RD included) will run out 3.1 and back 3.1. The turnaround is the permanent wooden 9 mile marker. Afterwards, we will wait for the 15 miler-ers and cheer them on!
Keep track of your own time & record it at the finish (for 10k)!

Low-key, no frills, no complaints event. Water, light snacks and fruit provided at the FINISH. Feel free to bring food and drinks for yourself or the group (no alcoholic beverages permitted).
Parking may be limited, so come early. Old school timing with humans and clipboards-no chips or computers needed! 

LIMIT- 50 runners only. Sign up quickly. The goal ain't money or fame. We are keeping it little and local. Come ready to make friends!
Registration is on starting September 13!

Trail Running - Morgantown

Trail running in Morgantown, WV!!!!! The land of the Mountaineers and a true gem of the east!! The options are as plentiful as the hills.

A local favorite, of course, is Cooper's Rock State Park. It has over 30 miles of trails, a bunch of awesome views, technical terrain, and options for either rolling hills or serious climbs. This is the best place for a trailrunner to find an epic and freeing run.

For an urban adventure, run the Mon River trail, Caperton Trail, or Decker's Creek trail. Hop on one of those suckers and enjoy a waterside out-and-back. Run to Pennsylvania and back, enjoy a flat stroll, or do an uphill-downhill run on Decker's. These trails are always bustling with people, bikes, canines, and downtown smiles. But they are over 15 miles long, so it's easy to find some peace and quiet on the far side of the trails.

There are many short run options, too: White Park, Prickett's Fort, Dorsey's Knob for a special climb and 360 degree view, or Friendship Hill across the border in PA.
Ohiopyle State park is not far either.

And of course, for those unafraid to travel the unique paths, there are gnarly fire roads just about everywhere. Just don't trespass too much and don't forget to wear bright colors so you don't look like a juicy hunk of venison to a hungry hunter.

WV Mountain Trail Runners Website:

Recommended Trail Races and Ultras in the Area:
January: Frozen Sasquatch 50k/25k &  Run to Read 13.1 (Fairmont)
February: Holiday Lake 50k in VA
March: Haulin' in the Holler 50 K/25K & Terrapin Mtn 13.1/50k in VA
 April: Coopers Rock 50k/13.1 (Morgantown) & Race for the Birds 10 K & Babcock Gristmill Grinder 13.1
 May: Harpers Ferry 13.1 &      Dirty Dog 15 K.     & Cheat Fest 5k (road)
June: Deckers Creek 13.1 (downhill).     & Highlands Sky 40 miler
 July: Kanawha 50 K/25K/10K
August: Watoga 13.1 &       New River Gorgeous 13 mi.     & Allegheny highlands 20 miler
September: Helvetia 10 K         & Morgantown Marathon (road)     & Barnum 26.2/13.1
October: West Virginia trilogy 50 K/50 mile /13.1 &       Babcock 15 K &.      Run the ranch 6K ( Morgantown) &.         Run around the gorge 26, 18, 15 miles
November: Five and Dime 15 Miler.         &.        Canary in the cave 25K
December : Green Beret 13.1

 Be looking for more races by yours truly coming in 2017 to promote the challenging and beautiful trails of northern West Virginia and to show the world a dose of  good sportsmanship!!!!!