Thursday, February 12, 2015

BAD MARSH night ULTRA 2015 - JUNE 27

THE RACE: Bad Marsh night ULTRA. 31.5 miles. (or 13.5 or 27)
WHEN: Saturday, June 27 AT 4pm
CUTOFF: 11:45pm  (7 hrs, 45 min)
THE COURSE: It will consist of 3, 6, or 7 laps on a flat, beautiful 4.5 mile course.
LOCATION: Off Middle Rd, Ladys Island/Beaufort, SC (directions will be emailed)
LIMIT: 105 runners
THE SWAG: Fitted trucker style hat. (Keeping the tradish alive since they have been a big hit, according to those I polled.)
& special junk for winners.

DOMINION LANDSCAPING  (*email* D o m i n i o n L a n d s c a p i n g G A @
Jessica Wigley of Exclusive Georgia Properties ( *link* HERE! )
Juggernaut Gym Wear (*click this link* JUGGERNAUT GYMWEAR)

THE AID: There will be plenty of water, electrolyte drinks, & typical foods. Bring your own CUP, PACK, or WATER BOTTLE. This will be a CUP-SAVER RACE. 
Bring BUG SPRAY. Yup. Definitely do that.

THE AID STATION: You'll revisit the (one & only) central aid station after every 4.5 mile loop. 
DROP BAGS are encouraged, and crews are welcome. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!! Email me. W h a t u l t r a @

ELEVATION CHANGE: nope. ok, maybe one 6-ft hill per lap.
SURFACE: Dirty Sand, Sandy Dirt, sandy gravel, maybe some puddles or broken shells, a touch of grass, and a couple ashphalt road crossings.
PACKETS: the day of! (3pm)
MARKINGS: Ribbons and Flags
WAIVER: Sign that sucker

PRICE: Starts at $35. Not kidding. 
MORE SWAG: JUGGERNAUT Tees & more for sale on race day.

TIMING: Manual. Old school. Human to human communication. Wear Race number on the right and don't forget to go through the finish chute only when you are done.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Delirium Race Recollection 2015

28 degrees in February is no harsh predicament on a day that promises no wind and the hope of 63 degrees of amiable sunshine. Frost decorated crisp fields as I approached my running destination with excitement. My legs blushed with the chill of winter and my arms rested snugly in a warm fleece. Cars lined a beautiful field and behind them was formed a parted sea of support tents, favorite snacks, and friendly spectators eagerly awaiting a good (long) adventure. 

With our smiles ignoring future pain and embracing future glory, we departed the starting line for the first time. The loop was just shy of 1.7 miles of southern charm. A field gave way to a tunnel of regal pine trees. The golden pine needles cushioned each of our swift footsteps. The still frosty trail promptly wound around a hidden lake blanketed with ethereal fog. The sunrise pointed at us with such an angle as to give us a shadowy friend to run with. Massive trees stuck out of the water, gentle giants whose reflections waved serenely and steadily to each passerby. 

The path pushed us on a delightfully slight downward incline into the kind woods. A creek flowed beside the trail, collecting cool droplets of frost that had just turned to liquid. And we trotted down into a harmonious scene of nature.

Quickly, the trail became a celebratory finish line and it was our trustworthy mission to begin another lap of all the strength and speed we could muster. 

This beautiful cycle continued for all the laps one could handle in 24 hours or fewer. Perhaps weariness made it seem less beautiful lap by lap as participants became (not ironically) delirious on account of running. But the mental effects of exhaustion could not subtract from the inherent and actual beauty that existed along the trail. 

The company was just as warm and pleasant. There were no rotten egos or viciously competitive agendas, but we were encouraged, gregarious, safe, and in good hands. I met some of the friendliest people. The kind who effortlessly exhale a greeting of "Great Job!" to every runner they pass, mile after tiring mile. 

And although it was the last year for this well-loved and well-organized event, the perfect weather waved its sincere farewell. And the best was saved for last.

Ankle Dirt 27.5. FREE baby ultra. Feb 21

Free Fun Run Ultra Feb 21. Email me for address/start time/details and to sign up! W h a t u l t r a AT yahoo. Com

Richmond Hill
11 laps of glory!!!!

Every runner gets a ROCK.

Monday, February 2, 2015

BAD MARSH night ultra 2015


IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!! (but you will be...for 31 miles)

Jessica Wigley at Exclusive Georgia Properties.
(links to come)

JUNE 2015
4.5 mile loop times 7
HALF MARATHON OPTION= 13.5 miles (3 laps)


DETAILS TBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for questions.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Triple Threat Trail Running: Circa 2015

This blog will bring freedom to runners of Southeast Georgia and beyond.

Triple Threat Trail Running will direct local ultras and trail races for DIRT cheap. The name was thought up by the coolest man with the best BEARD in all of the universe. A Triple Threat Challenge from us could very well include running, eating, and gnat swatting. Or running, push-ups, and brownie-eating. Maybe even running, wrestling trivia, and completing a Calculus problem. You never know...

This whole deal was born out of a love for the trails and a realization that great events do not have to cost great fortunes. Low maintenance runners will enjoy high energy races. The best reward is adding races to your life...and maybe the occasional t shirt or practical swag that's cooler than all the other garage-occupiers.

Another goal at hand is positivity in the midst of the sport of perseverance. You will read happy words here, not complaints. You will embrace thoughtfully-written race reports. But the blog won't blow up every day because, after all, real human time is more important to us than drifting off onto technological tangents.

So check us out for FREE events and fun runs, affordable races from kids runs to 5ks to ultras, and good old-fashioned dates with dirt in Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, and more!

God Bless!