Sunday, February 1, 2015

Triple Threat Trail Running: Circa 2015

This blog will bring freedom to runners of Southeast Georgia and beyond.

Triple Threat Trail Running will direct local ultras and trail races for DIRT cheap. The name was thought up by the coolest man with the best BEARD in all of the universe. A Triple Threat Challenge from us could very well include running, eating, and gnat swatting. Or running, push-ups, and brownie-eating. Maybe even running, wrestling trivia, and completing a Calculus problem. You never know...

This whole deal was born out of a love for the trails and a realization that great events do not have to cost great fortunes. Low maintenance runners will enjoy high energy races. The best reward is adding races to your life...and maybe the occasional t shirt or practical swag that's cooler than all the other garage-occupiers.

Another goal at hand is positivity in the midst of the sport of perseverance. You will read happy words here, not complaints. You will embrace thoughtfully-written race reports. But the blog won't blow up every day because, after all, real human time is more important to us than drifting off onto technological tangents.

So check us out for FREE events and fun runs, affordable races from kids runs to 5ks to ultras, and good old-fashioned dates with dirt in Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill, and more!

God Bless!


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