Saturday, April 25, 2015

TTTR Fun Run!

This event was amazing!

It was early!!! We started tired!! After all, it was zero o'clock, or perhaps closed-gate o clock, or maybe 5:30. But we conquered the lake loop, road loop, and trail out and back. Everyone did great, and supported each other, got endorphins, and shared the joy at the end of the run.

We saw a gnarly momma spider who definitely did not shave her legs.
But we ran extra for her, too.

Highly Official Results from the latest technology (aka cardboard):

Pam ran 21, Bren ran 20, Jennifer, Becky, Brian, April, and Lindsay ran 16, Ashton ran 14, Missy ran 11, Amy ran 10.5, Verity Gray and 10, Kim, Shelley, Lynne, Michelle, Tyler also came out to get in some miles. And the only losers were the people who didn't run for slept in.

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